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What is ISE?

ISE, the International Society of Endocytobiology aims to promote research into endocytobiology, general (endo)symbiosis, and their interactions and processes.

The Society promotes these aims with colloquia, awarding prizes, and issuing publications [...]

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ISE organizes international colloquia every three years, while it's national sections hold meetings annually. Since 1980, locations of the international colloquia included Germany, the USA, France, Japan, Norway, Austria and Canada [...]

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The Society awards the Miescher-Ishida Prize to scientists who stood out for their research in endocytobiology or contributed to the science in a unique way. The prize has been awarded more than 15 times since its inception [...]

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ISE publishes the international journal Endocytobiosis and Cell Research. The journal is aimed at symbiosis researchers and cell biologists. It has a digital version, and all articles can be accessed online [...]

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